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Notice: Anyone attempting to use this site in a fraudulent manner for criminal or unethical self-benefit or unpatriotic purposes will be held accountable, investigated and/or prosecuted by the appropriate local, state or federal law enforcement agency.

The U.S. WAR DOGS Association is recognized by the IRS as both a non-profit and Veterans Group with a 501(c)19 status. Its Southern chapter is registered with the State of Florida. Donations both in-kind and monetary are tax deductible, and will be acknowledged to retain by the donor for income tax purposes. Donations are used to directly benefit the MWDs and K-9s that serve to keep Americans safe, secure and free.

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We are a satellite site to the United States War Dogs Association and specifically designed to give support, awareness, honor and memory to our nation’s hero dogs. We include dogs currently in military and local law enforcement service; those retired or lost to us in the line of duty and federal disaster search, rescue and recovery dogs, who with their handlers, keep America safe, secure and  free.

If you are a personal or professional friend or supporter of MWDs (Military War Dogs), K-9s (Law Enforcement Dogs) and their handlers, or if you supervise their service, this is your opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the life of one or many hero dogs.

Welcome to K9 War Dog Advocates Website.

Disclosure:  My name is Barbara Snow, and I am the Executive Director of the Southern Chapter (2) of the United States War Dog Association. My service in authoring and facilitating this website is voluntary, without pay, and is done solely for the purpose of helping kind people help these dogs. I welcome your knowledge, experiences, stories and  ‘Call to Action’ ideas for the same purpose.

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“When we pause to remember our Heroes, let us also remember our Heroes with paws.”- B. Snow

K-9 Heroes, A Veteran

By Barbara Snow

How many more names would be on that Wall?

Were it not for you – you heeded our country’s call

You served and you bled thru all our war years

Many of you died with only a handler’s tears


Your duties are many, you scent and you track

Your eyes tell me always, “I’ve got your back”

You rescue and save lives and when that’s in vain

You recover to bring closure to a family’s pain


You outsmart our enemies – it’s you that they fear

You warn me when mines and explosives are near

You guard our beaches and borders and our Commander-in-Chief

Words “Stop, or I’ll release my dog” mean it’s over for a thief


Your eyes burned in Oklahoma City, your paws felt the flame

You brought me a small shoe – I moaned. “Oh God, No,” in pain

You comforted me for a moment; you nudged me on too

You knew we weren’t finished; we had more to do

“He’s not heavy Major, He’s an American War Dog; we’ve got each other’s back”

You pull me to safety; you bring me a medic’s care

I open my eyes and know that you’re there

You have honor and spirit and feel our country’s pride

Sometimes in the night, only you knew I cried


I wish you had time to just run and play

Catch a Frisbee and swim – for a dog, a good day

But you are a Trooper, to duty you must

My life before yours – you give me that trust


No matter how clever an arsonist’s M. O.

Your nose tell investigators what they need to know

Some call you Coastie, you get “Semper Fi’’

The chute makes you perk – you love when we fly


As an Officer and Deputy, it’s crime that you fight

You wear the badge of the elite – “Guardians of the Night”

The love of a mascot knows no race, class or ranks

Privates, Admirals, Generals all give you their thanks


When you outlive me and Taps reaches your ears

You stand there with honor among bagpipes and tears

When your bones become old and you no longer serve

It’s medical care in retirement you earned and deserve.


Congress could pass a law to resolve this need

For all serving and in memory, for them I now plead

We must call you ‘Veteran’ for you are one too

No honor for me, if there is none for you


Till death do us part, this mantra rings true

They gave and give all for the Red White and Blue.


“We walk together, whether you sit or you stand

When we hi-fi our progress, it’s my paw and your hand”


“He’s not heavy Major, He’s an American War Dog; we’ve got each other’s back”

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War Dog Memorial

Hillsborough Veterans Memorial Park



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Please help our War Dogs by making a tax deductible DONATION.  They give their all in service to us and many give their tomorrows so we can have ours.  Your kindness and generosity is sincerely appreciated.